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Mista Soull

Mista Soull (a.k.a. the Crowd Rocka) is the true embodiment of a DJ with a passion for the art. Soull has always brought a show to the DJ set making him one of the most popular DJs in the Midwest.

From the first drops, Soull brings a high level of energy that keeps the crowd rocking from start to close. When he rocks the mic, it is a show. During the climaxes of his sets, he might run to the end of the stage or jump into crowds to hype the audience.

First honing his skills as a turntablist, Soull next mastered the art of mixing. He made a name for himself by rescuing a closing club and turning it into the hottest nightclub in Omaha, which was called The Parthenon. From that club, he worked or managed several other clubs in the area, growing his reputation as the city’s hottest DJ. That reputation brought even more fame when the newest hot spot in town opened and was named after him, Planet Soull, solidifying his prominence in the city.

Continuing to be the one of the most-sought after DJs in the Midwest, Soull next ventured into radio. For the five years he worked in the medium, consistently ranked #1 in ratings in his time slot.

Soull has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Since leaving radio, he has developed a management and promotions company. In addition, after membership in several DJ organizations, he decided to form his own DJ coalition, the Crowd Rocka DJs, with members located throughout the country.

His skills have led to him DJing at events around the nation. He keeps his brand expanding by doing mixtapes, promoting events, hosting parties, managing artist and brand marketing.


Over 10 years ago Dj-XL realized he had an undeniable love for music. He took that passion and began polishing up his skills on the turntables. His hard work and dedication led him to appear in various clubs and shows. His popularity first came as being known for spinning all the hot reggae hits but he decided to broaden his music genre and diversify his fan base. As his popularity rose on the Hip-Hop scene he decided to enlist the support of various artists.

Dj-XL is originally from Trinidad & Tobago (the Caribbean) but is now in Nebraska. He has held residences at Showtime Music and Insanity Entertainment. Dj –XL has made many other appearances throughout Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas area. The digital master loves to create dance worthy mixes and loves to see everyone dancing. In 2010 DJ Xl received the Prestigious Edward English Garcia Dj of thew year memerioal award from ShowTime Music. The highest DJ Honor In The Midwest.

Colby Bradfield

I began to DJ by request in the small towns of Southwest Iowa. I have an affinity to move toward music that makes the whole crowd move. From starting in Iowa I have spent a lot of time playing country music for the crowds, but my main interests in music are Hip Hop, Dance, Rock, Electronic, Punk, House, and Trance. Although I do listen to and play everything, when it comes to writing I spend my time in the realms of Alt Rock and Hip Hop.

Jesse Michael TyeDup

Jesse Tye began his DJ career at the age of fifteen, when he purchased a set of belt drive turn-tables and a small mixer. Inspired by DJs from the UK, he ordered all the records from a recorded set of a particular artist and began reconstructing it to learn how to mix. As time went on his music tastes expanded and he ordered more and more records. Eventually he switched from turntables to CDJs to add more variety. By the time he reached age 18, Jesse was the youngest DJ in Omaha to hold a club residency in Omaha. Now at the age of 23, he has performed at multiple parties, clubs, and raves in the MidWest. Currently he is continuously burning dancefloors locally in Omaha!

DJ Kyle krumrey Special K

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DJ Skynet

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DJ RoyalT

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DJ B-il

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DJ Scottie Pimpin'

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DJ Bishop - Industry Leader

My contribution to the industry: Is to provide Omaha with the newest, hottest and top quality music. That many have come to love. This story began when DJ Bishop started mixing back in '89. Having been born and raised in Chicago, where "House Music" is a dominating force, he picked up an ear for rhythm timing by learning beats per minute, which is one of the key factors to mixing. The first mixing equipment that he used was tape decks followed by turntables and finally C.D players. DJ Bishop later made the move or better yet, the relocation from Chicago to Omaha, Nebraska in 1992. In Omaha, he started performing at house parties, high schools, Boys Town events, etc. During 1994 he worked for KNOS 88.9 FM as a radio disc jockey on Friday nights and Saturday mid-day. But, his time at KNOS would last for a year when he finally realized that in addition to working at the radio station that he needed to broaden his audience by live Dee-Jaying at different clubs around the city.

DJ Bishop would eventually Bishop moved on to KBLR Hot 107.7 & 97.3, where he was professionally known as "Mr. Exclusive” respectively. As well as spinning the hottest jams for XM Radio the City 67. DJ Bishop drops all the hot "exclusives" On Kopw Power 106.9 weekday rush for 3 years straight. Currently you can catch DJ Bishop Rocking out in varies clubs in Omaha and surrounding cities teaming up with national Coredjs and Crowdrockas djs And when you’re ready to dance the night away and party, be sure to tweet DJ Bishop at www.twitter.com/DJBishop2g & add him WWW.iamdjbishop@facebook.com or drop him a text at (402) 490-6185 to find out what event he’s rocking now!!!!



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